Educational Philosophy


To inspire and empower our learners to excel intellectually, mentally, socially and digitally, while making them independent & rational thinkers, competitive & productive global citizens and life-long learners owning universal values.


To provide learning & grooming opportunities, as unique as each of our learners, so as to make them meet the standards of curricular & co-curricular excellence, universal skills & values, true global citizenship and sustainability of social & physical environment.


  • We believe in a shared responsibility for the education of our young learners which is assumed by the school, the parents, and the community. We feel that a good school is one which sets realistic goals based on this sharing
  • We view the mission of our school as a foundation of shaping our learners into responsible global citizens. This includes development of core skills and a desire for life-long learning in them.
  • We focus on development of five core education values and seven core competencies as mentioned here:
  • Five core educational values: (i) Hard work (ii) Integrity (iii) Excellence (iv) Respectfulness and (v) Justice.
  • Seven core competencies: (i) Creativity & Innovation (ii) Critical Thinking (iii) Communication (iv) Collaboration (v) Conflict resolution (vi) Culture and Ethical Citizenship and (vii) Computer and Digital Competency.
  • We aim to prepare them to be successful, emotional, sensitive, empathetic and above all satisfied, happy and well-equipped mentally, technically, digitally and physically to face the highly competitive and challenging future.
  • We also recognize the importance of providing equality, equity and inclusiveness in all our educational activities programs; that is providing both the opportunity for all students to have equal access to programs and the opportunity for all students to have access to programs that meet individual needs and goals.