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Promotional Campaign For Vaccination Against COVID-19

Tirathbai Kalachand School launched a campaign “यह ज़िद है हमारी, कोरोना को हराने की है बारी” / “It's our persistence, drive away the Corona's existence” to promote vaccination against COVID-19 in the month of November. In this campaign, School Head Boy Bhavesh Arya and School Head Girl Arnika Jain requested the family members of the students to get vaccinated by both the doses.

The students of classes I to V also urged the family members of the students to complete both the doses of vaccination for the safety of all around.

The STAR team (School Prefects) presented a skit to promote the importance of vaccination against COVID-19.

Some students prepared beautiful ‘Motivation & promotional’ and ‘Thank you’ cards for their family members so as to create awareness, raise concerns and express their gratitude. 

The entire academic & non-academic staff of the school and their family members are vaccinated by both the doses of COVID vaccine.

The school collected the vaccination certificates of family members from the staff to get the status and it is pleased to inform you that 100% of school staff and their family members are vaccinated. The same process is being applied to get the status of vaccination of students' family members. The latest status of Vaccination in our school is :

  1. Academic Staff                                      100% vaccinated

  2. Administrative Staff                             100% vaccinated

  3. Students (Above 18 years of age)        100% taken the first dose

  4. Family members of staff                     100% Vaccinated

  5. Family members of students              certificates are being collected

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